“What will people need?

What will people need?



Hand holding?

metaphorically, physically. Guidan(ce) guides. Inspiration. I’m thinking about parties. I’m thinking about how the Stonewall riots were a party. You know, I mean, people don’t…the regular society people, living in a normal life, wanna think oh, and who supports the Stonewall Riots want to think that it was all like aggression and shouting and but I know, I know my people and I know they would have breaks and they would go off and they would kiss each other and they would go off to their flats and then come back rejuvenated, they’d have a meal, they’d have sex and they’d come back. And these are the kinds of parties we will need as well. There’s been so… I mean if hetero normative culture and monogamy hasn’t been put up as you know, the bastion of goodness and well being and the right thing to do. Like now for sure it has been and it’s the way we’ve survived this. You know, we got to fuck that up again. Just gotta, my housemate last night, snuck out at 10, came in at 8. I heard him come in. Go into the kitchen. Make big fry up. I was like, fucking A, that is what we need right now. He didn’t go to a party. He went to some man’s house. Awesome. Little parties. Little dinner parties. Little sexy parties. Raves with crèches. All these locked-down babies. They need to be taken care of by big groups. Kids need to be taken care of by big groups of people. And the parents need to get fucking twatted, in the best, healthiest way they can think of. That’s what we need.

We need to party. We need to have outdoor sex. We need to feel sexy. We need to feel safe. Of course. But let’s feel sexy while we’re doing it. That’s what we need. That’s what we will need. That’s what I need. Woo hoo. More power to you.”

– 15th feb