So a few months ago I started working in a nursing home, I was doing a very… pretty boring job of just checking that people were wearing a mask and disinfecting their hands, more or less. And while I was there I started making lists from time to time and I found them recently and here are some of the things I found.

Four smells. First, Citrus disinfectant. Second, disinfected visor, ammoniac. Third, poop mix with diaper baby, smell, fake. Fourth, food carriage, a kind of hot chicken.

Six sounds. First, carriage rolling. Second, heating device in the entrance. Third, resident’s ring. Fourth, buttons, codes to open the doors. Fifth, voice of x my colleague.
Five textures. First puree. Second, wet diaper. Fourth, a uniform, good forever. Third, épaississant like thickener. Fifth, very hard Chorizo.

Ten objects. The keys on large sticks, bic pencils, the chairs where the night staff sleeps.
Three conventions.
Things blue by default.
Second convention
Other things between grey and brown by default
Third convention, not talking about that.
Six things heard. “There’s another Claudel”
Second. “My left ball hurts”
Third. “I’m not gonna make you a full analysis now ma’am.”
Fourth. “I’ve drawn mandelas and portraits.”
Three invisible things.
The reflection of Mrs. x when I asked him who’s his favourite?
The calm of Madame x.
Third, lassitude.
Stuff I saw.
First, where I’m from, four signs of exit doors.
Second, grey carpet, giant entrance carpet.
Third, the dress of Madame x, satin, pink.
Fourth, the elevator.
Fifth, the little piece of furniture at the entrance desk.
Fifth, a kind of statuette, a little statue of Santa Claus in the corner.
Sixth, big plastic snowflake.
Seven, nurse x in crocs with socks inside his pants that are stucked in session the CHSLD swag
Stuff I’ve heard,”C’est le fun meême si on se touche pas”
Second, “Bonsoir”
Third, “Manoune a va Bien?”
Fourth, “Le ronflement de Madame Mettier”
Fifth, ”So everything’s alright?”
Sixth, CKOI, the radio choice of the entrance door person working night shifts.
Sixth, “Badoo badoo wah” by Mr. X
Ten characters. not going to name there anything.
X the receptionist who works… who used to work at the casino.
X. The nurse, bodybuilder, short. Happy…

– 25th April