What I’m thinking about right now. 

Right now I was thinking, What am I going to say for this reader? So that it makes some sense. But mostly I’m thinking about the end of the lockdown. About holidays. I can already see myself getting on the first plane available and going to see my family, thinking about the summer. About spring, nice weather. I’m thinking about losing a little a bit of weight, not much, maybe about two kilo grammes. So I can fit into my spring clothes. I’m really feeling more than thinking about, I feel a bit… a little bit like, flowers are coming from the earth. And everything is becoming alive and reborn. And spring coming over, as I kind of go in the winter into a little bit of, what is it called? Hibernation.
And I’m just awaking, and being reborn, one year older. Those are my thoughts, my thoughts also about hope for the end of the  pandemic. Getting my bit of freedom about travelling, going for a swim. And I’m very optimistic about the future. And just thinking about the world and in the way it’s being changed and i’m really curious and excited to see what it’s going to look like? How we’re going to be reshaped? reborn? And how the world is going to handle the pandemic? The richer countries being able to afford a vaccine and the more poor ones. Not as yet, and yet the whole world is affected. 

So…i’m really thinking about young people actually, and feeling for young people being kind of forced into this lockdown. And thinking, how would I cope with it, because it must be really hard for them to cope with something quite big. So I’m just thinking, but this, this is a lesson also that we can all learn from and I’m also thinking everything happens for a reason. And perhaps the world can be grateful for what’s happening in so many ways, kind of needed a lesson,  we needed to stop and pause, and think. They were rushing too much, a kind of rat race. And so overall, I’m finding this period in my life, I have a lot of time to reflect. And I find myself much more sensitive to other people’s sufferings, just randomly on television. I feel perhaps I have more empathy about what’s going on. Because I’ve been kind of… didn’t have a time to do different things, just sitting mainly at home watching TV and watching the world through the TV box and somehow feeling connected with other people’s sufferings and um, yes, that’s what I’m thinking and I’m going to take a book to read and enjoy myself. 

So I’m a pretty happy person right now. 

– 15th March 2021