Would you like to be part of a project about locality and imagining how we go from here?


Jo Fong is leading on a project called What will people need? Jo is an artist and keen gardener of gardens and communities. She lives in Wales and her artistic work revolves around the question, What is Community?


For this residency at Battersea Arts Centre, Jo is interested in bringing four people into conversation and building something live and enduring. Something that keeps reminding us that we are alive.


“I’ve been thinking about what we would like to remember from last year, how things might need to change, how can we reconnect and what people will need? How can racial justice, the climate, people’s welfare have a chance within a landscape of multiple crises? How can we share, hear or care? And will listening and connecting with people hold a key to new ways within a pandemic of un-belonging.


I’m not a great talker but I’ve been working on it for 20 years. Me and talking and listening remains a work in progress. This isn’t about being on telly, becoming the host on a talk show or politician, but genuinely taking time to think, bring our own lives to the conversation and simply engage, be present and ponder on, What will people need?”


Being part of the project means you will be


– Attending and contributing to four 1.5 hour zoom calls with Jo and three other people.


– Arranging and recording conversations either face to face or remotely with 4 people you know. They might be a neighbour, friend or family member, a work colleague or someone you think might find this interesting that you would like to connect with.


– Sending recordings to the website to become part of an archive of voices.


– Planting a perennial garden of white blossom with people. This is a live memorial that will be around for a long time. Something that remembers people we have lost and reminds us of our hopes for the future.


The payment for each collaborator is £450 (based on 3 days at £150 per day). If you have particular access needs, please just let us know.


There is some flexibility with some of the project yet, you must be available on:


24th Feb 2021 (2.30pm – 4pm) via Zoom

3rd March 2021 (2.30pm – 4pm) via Zoom

10th March 2021 (2.30pm – 4pm) via Zoom 

21st April 2021 (2.30 – 4pm) via Zoom 

*1st May 2021 (10am – 1pm) at Battersea Arts Centre


*This final date in May might change due to COVID:19 restriction.


You must be over 18 years of age.


If you would like to be involved please get in touch with Jo via email at: whatwillpeopleneed@gmail.com by the 11th February 2021


website under construction. www.whatwillpeopleneed.com