People I will say. 


Yeah,  the thing for us is kindness, and second is authenticity and not compromising on your authenticity, but in a smart way, not in a primitive way.

So, for example, as we talk to you, like how you fight for your freedom, and sometimes there are like so many ways we want to fight, but sometimes other strategies are just more efficient, and better. So maybe it’s less efficient to go and protest on the streets of Moscow, and more efficient to go and translate the text somewhere the quiet room. Though, the energy that you get out of this process might… you know,  “Real is like, Oh, I go on the street, I am protesting”, but actually, it’s not really efficient in the context. So that’s what I mean, in a smart way. 

Well, I think one important thing is not to come back to the shallow things and especially with economic crisis and everything. That’s this is…(coughing)

What shallow thing? 

Shalllowness,  just…

I want to say like, just escape,  escaping from your own inner reality…. your own inner truth. But it’s funny because this is like all big words. So in there, when they’re not specific, they sound really Oh, yeah, finding truth, but…

I was talking today that I want just… in theatre, I want to do you know, they’re like a type of painting, white on white painting? And they’re like, two things that I think I really value is like presence and silence. So that’s still important as well. 

In theatre or in life?

Both… mmm what else?

Do you find ways to find presence and silence? 

What ways?

Just breath

Yeah, I guess breath

and courage to just be with your truth.

– 17th February 2021